At Allegretto, Mit ensures that his students have a comfortable environment to learn and grow. Student-Teacher relationships are an integral part of the learning technique. Group sessions and one-on-one sessions are conducted at home and are available to music enthusiasts all over Australia. He delivers enthralling performances and conducts live shows and concerts throughout Australia.


About Mit Desai

Born in the humble town of Navsari, India, Mit Desai is one of the most sought-after Tabla maestros of the classical music world. Hailing from the land of music, he embarked on his musical journey at a tender age of six. While children of his age were beginning to form words and sentences, Mit was creating music.


His first real exposure to music was when he was handed a Dhol (double-headed drum). He began playing during Navratri (Hindu festival) and then there was no looking back. He fell in love with music which transformed into his passion for Tabla.


Mit Desai underwent his training from Tabla Guru and Music Composer Pankaj Naik who has been composing beautiful music for over 40 years. With over 18 years of experience, Mit still holds his roots close to his heart which is evident in his music.


Now a resident of Australia, Mit Desai is the founder/owner of the company – Allegretto. Allegretto, a musical term, is the command to play something at a fast pace. He conducts classes for music lovers from all over Australia. Mastering Tabla requires perfection of techniques and rigorous practice. Keeping these requirements in mind, Mit has set out to keep alive and propagate the art of Tabla playing. His training and life experiences provide a unique opportunity for students to learn from.


Mit has received numerous awards for his art. He was ranked #2 in Gujarat by the Ninaad. He is one of the most sought after Tabla players in Australia, with live performances spanning the entire nation. His versatility is prominent in his style of playing – Soft Bollywood, Ghazals, Devotional and Classical.



My guruji, Shri Pankaj Naik, is a disciple of Pandit Sudhir Mainkar of Delhi Gharana, who is a disciple of Ustad Inam Ali of Delhi Gharana. Shri Pankaj Naik also received training under the Table Maestro late Ustad Allarakha of Punjab Gharana. His roots go back a long way, having learnt and mastered this beautiful art form, and inspiring many of his disciples (like me) to take his legacy ahead.

Having performed in countries like England, USA, Canada, Zimbabwe and India, Shri Pankaj Naik has now spent over 40 years spreading joy and music among international audience.


His contribution towards the society go beyond his teachings. Along with the finest musicians of south Gujarat like Shri Dilip Soni & Shri Harish Soni, he founded ‘Utsav Vrund’, where he revived the traditional form of ‘Garba’ and reintroduced its original and original essence to the people of south Gujarat.


Apart from being a Tabla player, Shri Pankaj Naik is also widely acclaimed for his contributions as a Music Composer.  His most recent work, a hindi devotional song album ‘Mann Mast Hua’, released by Venus Worldwide Entertainment, has received global recognition in a very short span of time. His two Gujarati folk song albums, ‘Garbo Hele Chadhyo’ and ‘Rang-rasiya’, are performed by artists worldwide.


Guruji currently resides in Navsari, India, where his roots are deeply embedded. Over the past 13 years, guruji has created the finest Tabla players, who are now spreading his knowledge and teachings to the forthcoming generations. I hail my Guruji, Shri Pankaj Naik, for keeping the sublime art of Tabla alive.

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