At Allegretto – The Tabla Academy, you can learn tabla as a hobby, or as a means of relaxation, or for becoming a professional musician. We provide Individual Tabla Classes as well as Group Tabla Classes.

About Us

At Allegretto, Mit ensures that his students have a comfortable environment to learn and grow. Student-Teacher relationships are an integral part of the learning technique. Group sessions and one-on-one sessions are conducted at home and are available to music enthusiasts all over Australia. He delivers enthralling performances and conducts live shows and concerts throughout Australia.

About Shri Pankaj Naik Guruji

My guruji, Shri Pankaj Naik, is a disciple of Pandit Sudhir Mainkar of Delhi Gharana, who is a disciple of Ustad Inam Ali of Delhi Gharana. Shri Pankaj Naik also received training under the Table Maestro late Ustad Allarakha of Punjab Gharana. His roots go back a long way, having learnt and mastered this beautiful art form, and inspiring many of his disciples (like me) to take his legacy ahead.

Having performed in countries like England, USA, Canada, Zimbabwe and India, Shri Pankaj Naik has now spent over 40 years spreading joy and music among international audience.


Solo Tabla Classes

Whether the student wants to study Tabla as a hobby, or as a means of relaxation, or for becoming a professional musician, one-on-one classes help them achieve their target in the most profound way.

Group Tabla Classes

Group classes create an environment of learning and sharing. Ideas are shared, creativity is enhanced, which in turn fosters the overall growth and development of every student involved.

Live (Solo) Performance

From private parties to corporate shows, Mit Desai performs solo lives shows across Australia. His aim is to create a soulful evening by performing in the backdrop.

Live (Group) Performance

Mit Desai is known for seamlessly integrating his music with the creations of other musicians.  He performs a wide variety of genres with bands/musicians across Australia.


According to Don Michael Randel in his book “The Harvard Dictionary of Music,” the tabla is the main percussion instrument of North Indian music. It is regarded as the queen of drums and percussion instruments, making it the most popular Indian rhythm instrument.


According to “Solo Tabla Drumming of North India”, a book by Robert S. Gottlieb, the tabla drum was originally used for an important military function. They were employed during the 16th and 17th century military campaigns of the Mogul Emperors Akbar and Babur. Thousands of drums were carried on the backs of horses and camels, with each rider beating them furiously with hard wooden sticks in an attempt to alarm enemy forces in battle. The tabla also accompanied female courtesan dancers and forms a major component of sarod and sitar classical music.


The Tabla consists of two drums, the Dayan and the Bayan (big bass drum). The dayan is made of rosewood and the bayan is made of German silver, brass or copper. The heads of both drums are made of goatskin, and the black spot controls the vibration of the drum.


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